5 Tips to Make Your Lawn Vibrant

Landscape Maintenance
5 Tips to Make Your Lawn Vibrant
05 June, 2023
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5 Tips to Make Your Lawn Vibrant

Your lawn can truly make or break your home’s curb appeal! A dead, weed-filled or patchy space can really detract from all of the wonderful aspects and elements of your home! A green, lush and vibrant lawn can be the perfect backdrop to your home and property. Here we dig into ways to keep your lawn looking its lushest.

  1. Aeration: Soil that is compacted down does not have the same room for circulation of water and movement of nutrients. So, aerating your lawn is very important to its overall health. Aeration is the process of taking out small plugs from your lawn to help give your lawn’s roots room to “breathe”. 
  2. Dethatch: Another process that can help your lawn look vibrant is dethatching. This is when the top layer of your lawn is removed. Thatch is the dead stuff and plant material that can collect on top of your lawn and cause it to be cut off from what it needs. Getting rid of thatch cultivates growth.
  3. Fertilize: Adding nutrients to your lawn is one of the top ways to keep your lawn healthy, lush and green. At minimum, this task should be completed in the spring and fall, but more often may be needed depending on the status of your lawn. Our Cutting Edge Landscaping team is ready to help with your lawn maintenance and evaluate its current status as well.
  4. Seeding: If there are bare spots around your yard from damage due to pets or kids, seeding these areas will lift up your lawn’s overall look. We can add seed or sod, depending on how quickly you want results. Our crew can review the damage and offer the best guidance on what will work for your property. Overseeding is another avenue to get results that will translate into a lusher lawn. We will add seed to your existing grass to help boost it up to a new level of green.
  5. Mowing: The height of your lawn does affect its health. Talk to our team about a good height for your particular lawn or have us take care of your mowing for you! While this may seem like a basic task, it really can make a difference to how your lawn looks and the status of its health. Beyond mowing, we can help with edging and weeding, which are additional ways to keep your lawn looking as vibrant as possible.

Our Team is Here for Your Lawn

Maintenance can be a real chore. That is why we are here for you every step of the way. Beyond mowing, we can take care of any seasonal cleanup as leaves build up or fertilizer needs to be in place. We can also prune your shrubs and trees and add mulch to areas that need a refresh. We can answer your questions through our online contact form.

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