Best Trees to Plant This Fall & Winter

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Best Trees to Plant This Fall & Winter
11 October, 2022
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Best Trees to Plant This Fall & Winter

Planting a new tree in hold dug in yard, when need help planning from Landscaper Company St. John .

While spring is traditionally seen as the season of growth and rebirth, fall is the time to lay the groundwork for your yard’s greenery! Fall is a great time to get the roots in the ground for your landscaping, so that you can enjoy it during the warmer months when you are spending more time outside.

Here we look at tips to planting trees in Indiana during the fall: 

The Right Choice: Consider the right tree for our region. Evergreen trees, particularly spruce, are wonderful additions to any yard. When planting a spruce tree, be mindful of how much space you have as different types grow different sizes. For instance, Colorado Blue and Norway Spruce can get to 30 feet when they are mature. For a small selection, pick Black Hills or Fat Albert types. Beyond an Evergreen, Red Maples and Tulip trees are smart choices.

The Right Size: Where you are planting your tree this fall is as important as what type. You need to make sure that your tree choice has plenty of room to grow as it matures as trees need lots of space. You need to think about how branches will expand and make sure that they will not take over any power lines, your deck, roof or gutters. 

The Right Depth: When you are putting your tree into the ground, do not dig too deep as that is a common mistake people make. A little shallow is better than too deep. Make sure to research or ask questions about the best depth to plant your tree before you start digging. Also, do not forget to ensure that your tree is straight before filling in the hole with dirt.

The Right Amount: When you plant your tree in the fall, be mindful of how much water you give it. In the cooler months, it will not need tons of watering and once there is a frost, you will not have to worry about watering until the spring season when the ground thaws.

The Right Investment: A new tree can be an investment of time and money. Keep in mind that it will need maintenance as it grows and once it is mature. A professional pruning can help keep it looking its best and growing properly for years to come.

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