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How Can I Keep My Yard Healthy?

Imagine that you're caught in the unrelenting grip of a sweltering summer, peering out helplessly at your browning yard, overrun with weeds. You've tried relentlessly to maintain the…

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What Does Mulch Do?

Landscaping involves a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. If you're looking to amplify the health and charm of your property, consider the benefits of mulch. This often-underestimated…

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Lawn Care Tips: What Grass Type Is Right for Your Yard?

A vibrant, lush lawn is a homeowner's dream. It's the canvas upon which the rest of your landscaping design unfolds. The cornerstone of an impressive lawn is choosing…

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How Can I Prepare My Lawn For Winter?

As winter approaches, many homeowners begin to wonder what effects the cold weather, snow and ice will have on their lawn. It is easy to assume that lawn…

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Benefits of Hiring a Snow Removal Company

Imagine this: a fresh coat of snow has blanketed Northwest Indiana overnight. As a business owner, you're waking up to a winter wonderland that's as beautiful as it…

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