Fertilizer FAQs

10 April, 2023
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Fertilizer FAQs

As warmer days linger longer, you will want to spend time outside making memories with your family and enjoying your property. Part of this is having a lush beautiful green yard to be able to hang out in and play lawn games and other activities with your family and friends. This is where fertilizer comes in! We delve into why you need to keep your lawn fed with fertilizer all season long.

Why fertilize?

Your lawn is a living plant of green grass that needs food and special care just like any other plant. While lawns are hearty, they still need the right mix to strengthen their roots, fight off disease and insects and brighten the color. All of this can happen with the right fertilizer! The right mix can vary depending on your property. Our team at Cutting Edge Landscaping can assist with your lawn maintenance if you need guidance or advice today. Typically, fertilizer mixes contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

How do I protect my pets?

Fertilizer has chemicals and as a treatment can affect your furry friends that go outside. When treatment is applied, it is always best to keep your animals off of the lawn for a full day of 24 hours. This allows the treatment to sink in and dry from the blades of grass. You do not want your pets to eat the chemical or have it stick to their paws.

When can I mow my lawn?

During the spring, you may feel like you are constantly mowing your lawn as your grass has a growth spurt! Applying fertilizer can be hard to schedule as you try to squeeze it in between mowings. Your fertilizer needs to have time to settle in before you stir it up with a mower in order for it to work. You should not mow your lawn for two days after you apply a fertilizer. Mowing too soon after application will decrease the benefits of application in the first place, so be patient.

What is a good rule of thumb for application?

Your lawn does have a cycle around the year through each and every season. You should help it follow this cycle by applying fertilizer at certain times throughout the year. Typically, fertilizer will have the most effects when you schedule about four applications from early spring to late fall.

Can I receive help with lawn care?

Our team at Cutting Edge Landscaping has been working with both homeowners and business owners for years. We can help with a range of landscaping challenges and maintenance – all focusing on quality workmanship and industry expertise. Among our services are also irrigation, landscaping planning, lighting and snow removal. If you are looking to add a fire feature, outdoor kitchen, patio, deck or pergola, we can develop a plan for these as well!

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