How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Colder Weather

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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Colder Weather
14 November, 2022
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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Colder Weather

Raking leaves is one way that St. John landscaping service suggests you do to get your lawn ready for winter.

While your lawn is under cover during the cooler months, it still needs TLC before the snow builds up too much during the turbulent Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana winters. By helping your lawn be its best during colder weather, you can enjoy it more as spring pops back up next year.

Here are tips for late fall/early winter lawn maintenance:

  1. A good cleanup is a great way to prep your lawn for the long, dark, and cold winter days. You should rake any leaves and collect them off of your grass and yard. Also, pick up any branches, twigs, and other debris that has blown into your space. If you see any leftover weeds or dead plants, take the time to remove them.
  2. Keeping your usual lawn maintenance plan going as long as possible is also good for your lawn’s health. Weather in the region can fluctuate from warm to cold and back again throughout all of the seasons. On not-as-chilly days, get out there and take care of your usual lawn maintenance, and when you cut your lawn for the last time this season, do not cut it too short. 
  3. Take care of seasonal chores for your lawn that include dethatching and aerating. Dethatching is making sure that there is a thin layer of organic material on your lawn but not too thick. It is best to have thatch on your lawn that is under 1” thick. Aerating your lawn helps keep air, water and nutrients flowing into your yard base. This is accomplished by creating holes into the soil to alleviate compaction. “Winterizing” your yard should also include adding extra nutrients with a specialized fertilizer for the season.
  4. As winter sets in, you can still protect your yard by watching for any pests or critters that may be burrowing or causing issues under the snow. Also, be mindful of how you use ice melting products. When you use these types of products on your sidewalk and driveway, strive to keep it off of the snow that is on your yard. 

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