How to Prepare for Sod Installation

How to Prepare for Sod Installation
17 July, 2022
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How to Prepare for Sod Installation

Landscaper applying sod to front walk, to show Sod Application Cedar Lake.

Are you tired of having a patchy, discolored lawn? It’s time for an intervention. Sod can do wonders for your yard by restoring its fresh, green appearance. Sod is definitely the fastest way to achieve a perfect lawn since all we need to do is roll it out: no need to wait for seeds to sprout. Of course, there are a few ways we prepare to ensure that your installation is a success. As always, choose our experts at Cutting Edge Landscaping to handle sod installation, lawn maintenance and your other landscaping projects.  

Plan Carefully

Before installing sod, it’s important that the timing is right. Sod can burn up easily in the summer heat, which is why experts recommend installing it in the cooler months. Fall and spring are the best times for sod installation since the weather is cool enough to prevent burnout while avoiding frost damage in the cold. For very large lawns, it is often feasible to prioritize the worst or most visible areas first. This is true for installation that may take several phases to complete. 

Prepare the Site

Prior to installation, our team will prepare your lawn by clearing away any debris, including rocks, stumps and building materials. This step ensures that the ground does not contain any materials that will cause bumps and lumps. Likewise, we will rough grade the area to remove drainage issues. Water buildup can kill grass, so we will level the area and eliminate steep slopes and low-lying areas.

Till the Soil

Once the yard has been cleared, we will prepare the soil to have sod added on top. First, we’ll till to a depth of at least 2 inches to control annual weeds, resolve soil compaction, promote bonding between the top soil and the sod and improve root penetration, among other benefits. Then, we’ll add topsoil to that incorporates compost to provide a nutrient-rich blend. If no top soil is added, we’ll till to a depth of about 4 to 6 inches. 

Add Fertilizer and Settle the Surface

To promote a healthy lawn and strong root growth, we’ll add a starter fertilizer into the first inch or two of the topsoil. Once complete, we’ll settle the soil’s surface using a lawn roller if it is still loose. 

Install the Sod

Once we’ve completed all of the necessary preparation, we’ll roll out the sod! Our team works efficiently while prioritizing the best results possible. Sod is relatively simple to install, and the grass is fully grown, so you won’t need to wait for months to have a green lawn. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed by what we accomplish for you. 

Choose Cutting Edge Landscaping for the Best Lawn Care Services

At Cutting Edge Landscaping, we’re experts in lawn care and offer the insight you need to enhance your property’s appearance. We are committed to helping commercial and residential clients achieve their landscaping goals, and sod installation is one of the ways we can make your yard the envy of others. To learn more about sod installation, get in touch today and we’d be happy to provide the information you need. 

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