Sod vs. Seed: Which One to Choose?

Sod vs. Seed: Which One to Choose?
01 May, 2023
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Sod vs. Seed: Which One to Choose?

While the final result is a beautiful lush green lawn, sod and seed get there differently. There are pluses and minuses to each choice to get your lawn looking its best. Here we look at the benefits of sodding vs. seeding your lawn to a fresh end.

When Time is of the Essence

If you have a large area of bare ground due to a new home or damage to your existing grass, then sod will get you the instant results that you may need, so that there is not a muddy mess or dry dusty dirt. Sod is pre-grown grass that is put into place similar to carpet installation. Sod is made up of sections that are held together by a root system that is ready to connect with your yard. Our team at Cutting Edge Landscaping will literally roll out your new lawn with sod installation. It is an instant fix that will level up your yard within hours. Sod installation is often a top choice for commercial properties or business owners who need to keep their property looking its best.

Sod will still need maintenance and care as it takes about two weeks for the root system to integrate into your existing soil. During this timeframe, it is best to keep pets and children off of the new areas of sod to help it have the best opportunity to take root. Sod is pre-grown grass so there should be limited weeds in your new lawn. You will also have erosion control due to the root system of sod stabilizing in your current soil. Sod has a high level of success as it is already grown.

When Cost is a Concern

Typically, seeding your lawn is a more budget-friendly option to add new grass as well as if there are just smaller areas that need a refresh. Seeding a new lawn is just that: adding seeds that are planted to grow into new grass. You will need to have your newly seeded areas watered and watched to ensure growth. With seeding, you will need to watch for ruts if there is a rainstorm as well as weeds that may try to invade your new grass’ space. Our recommendation is that you combine seeding with aeration to boost results. Planting seeds takes patience as it generally takes about eight weeks for grass growth.

Our Team Can Help With Seeding or Sodding

Talk to our experts to determine which option may work best for your particular circumstances and property. Once your new grass is in place, our crew members can assist with your lawn maintenance as well. Beyond your lawn, we can help add a hardscape element to your property, including a fire pit, pergola, patio, deck or outdoor kitchen. We are also experts in outdoor lighting and irrigation systems. Reach out with questions through our online contact form.

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