Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips
14 May, 2022
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Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Summer is the perfect time to maximize your property’s beauty. It’s the time of the year when the sun and warmth are at their height, and you want to showcase your home’s beauty through intricate landscape design. However, with the sunny weather comes certain risks to your lawn’s health. Many homeowners may notice brown grass, bare patches and other issues that can impact your lawn’s aesthetics. Here are our top summer lawn care tips to ensure your property stays beautiful all season long. As always, choosing a professional lawn care company can take your lawn’s beauty to the next level. Call Cutting Edge Landscaping to let us handle all of your summer lawn care needs. 

Mow Grass to the Correct Height

One of the most common mistakes we notice our clients make is cutting the grass too short. Due to the high-intensity sunlight, adjust the height of your mower to leave the grass longer. By doing so, you’ll reduce water evaporation and promote deeper roots. Of course, the ideal height depends on the type of grass, so if you have any questions, be sure to ask our team. Or, if you’d prefer to leave the lawn mowing to us, we’re more than happy to set up a lawn maintenance schedule. 

Keep It Hydrated

Grass dries out easily in the summer. That’s when you may notice it turning brown, especially after moving. Avoid the “burnt” appearance by keeping your lawn hydrated and healthy. The most efficient way to do so is to install an irrigation system that waters your lawn in the morning. Our team will survey your property and identify the areas at the highest risk of drying out, which tend to be high-sun areas. We strategically install your irrigation system to maximize hydration. Be sure to talk to our team to learn more about our irrigation options. 

Eliminate Weeds

Many homeowners strive to maintain a perfect, spotless lawn. So when you notice that first weed appears, you want to act quickly. Weeds are notorious for damaging your lawn. What’s more, the most common kinds of weeds, such as dandelions and crabgrass, spread quickly. If the problem is widespread, pulling the weeds up manually isn’t enough—not to mention, hard on your back. You need an aggressive weed management plan to protect your grass. Cutting Edge Landscaping provides a wide array of solutions, so be sure to speak with our lawn maintenance specialists.

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizer can keep your turf green and healthy. There are many different kinds of fertilizer for different times of the year. Some types of fertilizer are designed to help prevent many of the common lawn problems that occur in the summer. It’s best to fertilize early on in the summer to keep your lawn heat and drought resistant, preventing the problems from happening in the first place. 

Visit Our Lawn Care Professionals Today!

Having a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using these lawn care tips alongside our services at Cutting Edge Landscaping, you can achieve a spotless, healthy lawn this summer. Contact us today to begin!

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