The Benefits of Trimming and Pruning

The Benefits of Trimming and Pruning
11 July, 2023
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The Benefits of Trimming and Pruning

Just as your hair needs consistent trims to remove dead ends and to help your hair stay healthy and grow, so do your trees and shrubs! Your yard’s landscaping greenery needs to be maintained with the proper pruning and trimming techniques by experts in order to help them thrive and grow. Check out what our team at Cutting Edge Landscaping dug up about pruning and trimming.

Types of Pruning

Pruning is when certain areas of a tree or shrub are cut in order to keep it healthy. This may be certain buds, branches or roots. Timing, location and precision are all vital to the proper pruning procedure.

Thinning: This type of pruning is when you remove branches from their sources. It can help with managing trees or shrubs that are growing out of control and help light pierce areas that are closed off.

Topping: This process is employed when a young tree needs direction on where to grow. It is literally removing a good portion of the branches at the top of a tree.

Raising: On the opposite is raising when branches on the bottom that hang low are cut or reduced.

Reduction: If your tree or bush is just too voluminous, you need an expert to reduce it overall.

Benefits of Pruning

Health: The top reason to take time to have your greenery professionally pruned and trimmed is for the health of your landscaping. Allowing your trees or shrubs to grow out of control will not be a plus to their long-term life. You need to make sure that the dead and diseased areas are removed and any areas that are damaged by pests.

Looks: We have all seen a yard with overgrown greenery! It does not look good at all. You want to maintain your home’s curb appeal with the proper techniques for pruning and trimming. Your yard and property will look polished with clean lines and stylish landscaping.

Fruit: If you have any fruit-producing trees on your property, you will need to keep them properly trimmed to help with their natural fruit production cycles. This goes for flowering shrubs and bushes as well. You need to remove the old and dead areas to allow for rebirth and regrowth.

Safety: Your yard can turn into a crazy maze if you have long branches hanging or overgrown bushes that can be a place to trip or be damaged by wind or a storm.

Habitat: Your yard can be your window onto the natural word of birds and small mammals. By having maintained landscaping, you are setting the stage for your yard’s wildlife to flourish.

Experts Needed for Pruning

You may think trimming is just cutting wherever, but there is a knowledge base behind it to allow for the proper process. Contact our team at Cutting Edge Landscaping for a review of your property and advice on taking care of your trees and shrubs. You can reach us through our online contact form.

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