Top 3 Reasons to Install a Home Irrigation System

Top 3 Reasons to Install a Home Irrigation System
01 March, 2022
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Top 3 Reasons to Install a Home Irrigation System

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Professional irrigation systems can save you time and money while also increasing the value of your home’s property for resale. With a quality irrigation system, you’ll have the freedom to concentrate on other important duties around the house while enjoying a beautiful, well-maintained landscape for your family and friends to enjoy.

The Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

You might be asking yourself, “Should I really bother with the time and expense of installing an irrigation system at home?” Well, the truth is a properly installed and maintained system will pay for itself in a few years and save you time. Also, there are these benefits:

  • Reduce Weeds and Plant Disease

Irrigation systems put water right on the root. When water is placed in the root area only, nearby weeds are unable to germinate, and leaves do not become wet, making them susceptible to disease. This system is very different than a sprinkler or a rainstorm, where the water saturates the entire plant, allowing weeds to grow and disease to spread.

  • Save Water 

With an irrigation system, you can use a timer to set when to start and end the watering of your yard. This highly controlled system saves time and money, and believe it or not, you most likely will see a reduced water bill.

  • Maintain Nutrients in the Soil 

A professional irrigation system is set up to water each area of your yard based on its needs. This is designed to help reduce runoff, which can take nutrients away from the soil. Runoff occurs when you saturate the area, and excess water is not able to stay in the soil.

Professional Irrigation Systems from Cutting Edge Landscaping

Cutting Edge Landscaping proudly offers installation and service for the industry’s top irrigation products. Our watering systems provide an efficient and affordable way to keep your landscape healthy and looking beautiful year-round. Never worry again about forgetting to water your lawn or flowers while you’re away; let our newly installed irrigation system do the work for you!

Contact Cutting Edge Landscaping for your Irrigation Needs

We have installed many irrigation systems for homeowners and commercial properties all over Northwest Indiana. If you want to keep your yard looking perfect without the hassle of having to water at specific times of the day and watering only the root, it is time for you to consider installing an irrigation system. The professionals at Cutting Edge Landscaping will answer all your questions and give you some ideas on what will work best for your landscaping. 

If you need to repair or replace your current irrigation system, we can do that too. Contact us today. We are here to help you with all your irrigation needs.

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