Top Landscaping Features to Include in Your Design

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Top Landscaping Features to Include in Your Design
30 March, 2022
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Top Landscaping Features to Include in Your Design

Small paver patio with landscaping around fence border to show Outdoor Living Design Valparaiso.

When building a custom landscaping area for your home, keep all of your options in mind. There are many ways to create a bright, comfortable space that suits your family’s individual needs. Whether you want something big and fancy, or just a simple, cozy space, Cutting Edge Landscaping provides the results you are searching for. Let our team implement the following features in your design so you can enjoy precious time with your loved ones in a custom space. 

Patio or Deck

On a beautiful, sunny day, the last thing you want to do is stay cooped up. Creating an escape outside is the perfect solution. An outdoor living area, complete with a patio and furniture, lets you relax away from the stress. It’s also a great area to entertain guests. 

Fire Features

Nothing compares to the comfort of a fire on a cool night. Fire pits are an excellent feature that provides year-round fun for you and your family. Our team builds custom fire features that match your vision. For instance, some of our clients choose a stone fire pit that’s perfect for roasting smores and food. Or, perhaps you are looking for an outdoor fireplace to recline next to. We can build the ideal feature based on your preferences. 

Outdoor Kitchen

If you regularly entertain at your home, an outdoor kitchen can make a huge difference. Your backyard will be the life of the party with a full outdoor kitchen featuring a stove, refrigerator and more. You can pair your love for nature with culinary expertise, allowing you to make meals without isolating yourself in the kitchen. 


Pergolas provide the right amount of sun and shade. They are a very attractive feature for any home. We can help you select the right style, as well as plants to add nearby for comfort and beauty. You will feel at peace relaxing under a pergola in your backyard getaway. 


Navigation is an important aspect. Improving your property’s safety and ease of access is simple. We can help you find a suitable layout for a path, connecting all aspects and areas around your home. Brick works very well, and other kinds of stone too. These are highly durable and look great. 


Vegetation can significantly increase the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. There are many different plants to add, including something as simple as grass or beautiful flowers. Cutting Edge Landscaping not only plants vegetation around your home but also helps you maintain it. There are many steps to caring for plants, especially considering how many different kinds there are. We are here to help you keep your home’s exterior looking gorgeous and fresh. 

Contact Our Team to Get Started

Cutting Edge Landscaping is here to help you create a stunning outdoor space. We want you to be completely satisfied by the layout, colors and every feature included, so it all begins at a consultation. We will learn about your design goals and create a plan to achieve them. Call today to learn more about how we can help.

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