Why is Crabgrass Bad for My Lawn?

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Why is Crabgrass Bad for My Lawn?
12 September, 2022
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Why is Crabgrass Bad for My Lawn?

Crabgrass taking over a lawn to represent Lawn Maintenance in Crown Point.

While crabgrass may be a grass – as the name denotes – it is not the type of greenery that will lead to the lush and beautiful lawn that you are hoping to put on display on your property. Crabgrass is actually a weed that is abundant and easily spotted in your yard in patches that can take over in the summertime.

Here we take a look at crabgrass and its roots and why you do not want it in your yard:

Annual weed: Unlike your turf-type grass, crabgrass is a weed that will die off and be an annual problem. Your turf-type grass is a perennial greenery that will come back year after year. It becomes dormant during the hot days of summer when there is so much sunshine as well as the cold days of winter when it is covered by snow and ice. 

Crabgrass cycle: The weed will start in spring when seeds take hold in your yard. The seeds will grow and germinate when the soil temperature goes beyond 55 degrees. When the seeds crack open, it is already the beginning of the weed’s cycle, and it will continue to grow and spread patches throughout your yard. The spring beginning is a good reason for an early spring application to help stop the growth of weeds. Our crew at Cutting Edge Landscaping can help with weeding as part of our lawn maintenance services

Watch the warmer days: As the weed thrives during the summer, you can soon have more crabgrass growing than lush green grass throughout your yard. While it is green from far away, it is an ugly plant that does not add any beauty to your yard. It will often pop up in the bare areas of your yard as it is an opportunistic weed. Take care of bare spots and watch how much you cut when mowing throughout the growing season.

Brown and ugly: As the cycle of the annual crabgrass weed continues, the plant will grow throughout the summer and fall before it turns brown and dies during the colder months. Unfortunately, the weed will leave behind not only ugly spots in your yard, but also seeds that can take hold the next spring for another round of crabgrass all over again. 

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